Adequacy of Sums Insured

It is vitally important to insure adequately.  Otherwise, you will be penalised in the event of a claim.  Most policies contain an ‘average clause’.  This means your claim will be reduced pro-rata by the proportion of any under-insurance.  If you insure your property for €200,000 when it should be €400,000 (50% under-insured) and your claim is agreed at €50,000, you will only receive €25,000.  Click on the link to get help on calculating your rebuilding cost.

On-line advice centre

If you suffered damage to your property, you can submit your claim online to get an intital callback from our online advice centre.  We offer 10% discount if you add photographs of the damage and dimensions of the each damaged room (L x W x H).  Click on the link now and we can get the ball rolling immediately.

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