Why Balcombes?

Solving your problem

Our system and process focuses our attention on solving your Insurance Claim problem. Balcombes is Ireland’s longest established firm of Public Loss Assessors. Our team of assessors are there to help you. We will maximise your claim settlement.

Checklist for choosing your Loss Assessor:

  1. Do they specialize exclusively in Loss Assessing?
    Balcombes act exclusively for home or business owners who have suffered damage to their property and need to make an insurance claim. It is what we do. It is what we know. We do nothing else.[Back to top]
  2. Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland?
    Balcombes Claims Management is registered to undertake Insurance Mediation under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations 2005. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.[Back to top]
  3. How long have they been in business?
    Balcombes have been trading in Ireland since 1971. That’s a lot of Insurance Loss Assessing experience.[Back to top]
  4. Recommended by your Insurance Broker?
    Balcombes Claims Management operates a professional service cover for a range of brokers.  We are industry leaders in the Insurance Loss Assessing market.[Back to top]
  5. Do they have a clear set of Terms of Business?
    Our Terms of Business document sets out clearly the terms of our services, fees, complaints handling policy etc[Back to top]
  6. Are they efficient, effective, responsive, knowledgeable, supportive, friendly, courteous, professional, on-time?
    Balcombes have documented 8 Points of Culture, agreed by all staff try to live up to, to ensure a consistent level of service excellence, that encompasses the above traits. If we get it wrong, we hold up our hands, apologise and try and learn from it to improve the system.


    Balcombes Claims Management is Ireland’s longest established and leading firm of Loss Assessors. We have developed a systemised process that focuses our resources and attention on solving your Insurance Claim problem. We have developed a Vision, Mission and Goals statement that hopefully will help you to achieve yours. We operate to clearly defined Points of Culture which we believe will operate to your advantage.


    Balcombes Claims Management, 16 Sandyford Office Park, Dublin 18, Ireland


    0818 118 118